Work Team

Menta brings a team with a lot of experience that aspires to achieve excellence in each project. We provide consulting and advice related to cultural projects and spaces, a service endorsed by an extensive trajectory in the sector, with a team formed by professionals specialized in cultural management, design, communication and promotion.

Juan Pedro


Degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Navarra. MBA Master. Founding Partner of Menta.

Your culture is your brand”.

Mariluz Segarra

Operational manager

Degree in Art History and specialized in cultural and tourist management.

Managing a team of professionals who enjoy their work everyday is an exceptional challenge”.

Claudia Añó

Cultural Management

Bachelor of Art History. Extensive experience in managing cultural tourist visits.

Being in direct contact with our cultural heritage and being able to spread it is a privilege that I enjoy everyday”.

Isabel Parreño

Cultural Management

Degree in History. Expertknowledge of cultural tourism with extensive experience in the sector.

Making known unique spaces, with which our visitors take an unforgettable experience, is the purpose of my work”.

Noelia Giner

Promotion Department

Diploma in Labor Relations. Develop the publicrelations of Menta and loyalty to the client.

“Transmitting our history and making Menta known to the different entities is my job”.

Rosana Íñigo


Great experience in editorial design and graphic communication. She is theartisan of the creative campaigns of Menta.

“Designing for the viewer to visualize and enjoy is one of the things I like to do the most”.


They are responsable for the teams of professionals that explain each of the spaces that Menta manages culturally.

Anna Alfonso

Team leader in San Nicolás

Bachelor of Tourism.

It is a pride to belong to a company in whichthe priority is to valuethe culture and art of our city.

José Antonio Gómez

Team leader at the Silk Museum

Degree in art history.

To spread the heritage is to revive and share our memory, our roots, who we were and who we are. That is our job.

Rebeca Martínez

Team leader in Los Santos Juanes

Higher Tourism Technician.

It is a privilege to live together with one of the oldest and most historic places in the city and be able to show it to the world.


They make up the most visible face of Menta, the one that has direct contact with people and the most welcoming  part of each of the spaces.

Juan Carlos Felipo

Higher Technician in Information and Tourist Sale. Bachelor of Psychology.

I always wanted to make known to the rest of the world the  enormous heritage that the city of Valencia has.

Gema Ballester

Graduated in Tourism.

If something good happens, travel to celebrate; If something bad happens, travel to forget; If nothing  happens, travel to make it happen.

Nerea Rubio

Superior Technique in Scenography and Applied Arts.

Preserving and disseminating such an important cultural heritage is our day to day.

Lidia Tormo

Bachelor of Art History.

Discover a Valencia in the Silk Museum beyond oranges and paella. It will surprise you!.

María Durán

Graduated in Art History.

Culture is the basis of all civilizations, a link between diverse peoples, and as such we must preserve and disseminate it.

Vicent Anyó

Degree in Geography and History and Senior Technician of Archival and Documentation.

Work to spread the history and culture of our people.

Ana Morcillo

Graduated in Art History.

Beingable to work between the walls of a historic Valencia is exciting for any lover of art and history.

Lucía Cajo

Graduated in Art History.

The goal of art is to represent not the external appearance of things, but their inner meaning.

Sonia Martínez

Bachelor of Art History.

Every time I go to work in Santos Juanes, I am struck by its baroque beauty.

Natalia Almudí

Graduated in Fine Arts.

Our job is to show the world a historical jewel of the city of Valencia.

Alejandro Moreno

Degree in History.

Spreading the historical and art isticremains of the city of Valencia is an exciting job.

Paula García

Bachelor of Chemistry.

Working in a historic space like this allows me to enjoy a walk through the past everyday”.

Mireia Rausell

If you want to learn, teach.


Located in the central Tapineria Market, is the place where it is combined comprehensive attention to the traveler, in the form of an agency, with the most creative part of the study of Menta Valencia.

Álvaro Viladrich

Graduated in bilingual ADE and in Law.

It is a pride to contribute to increase the Valencian experience.

Belén Crespo

Degree in History.

Dealing daily with visitors who want to know the city with us is a very rewarding job”.